We have 2 juice cleanses:



Based on the Juice Cleanse you select, you will get these 4 juice combinations daily...


JUICE #1                                          JUICE #1

Carrot                                                   Celery
Celery                                                     Kale
Spinach                                                Lemon
Cucumber                                          Apples
Lemon                                                   Pears

JUICE #2                                          JUICE #2
Celery                                               Cucumber
Spinach                                               Spinach
Apples                                                  Orange
Lemon                                                   Pears
Kale                                                        Lemon

JUICE #3                                           JUICE #3
Carrot                                                   Celery
Apples                                               Cucumber
Orange                                                  Apples
Lemon                                                   Lemon
Beet                                                          Kale

JUICE #4                                          JUICE #4
Carrot                                                   Carrot
Apples                                                  Apples
Pears                                                    Orange
Ginger                                                    Kale
Lemon                                                  Ginger

Juice Cleanse Options

3 Day Cleanse ($90.00)
4 Day Cleanse ($120.00)
5 Day Cleanse ($150.00)
6 Day Cleanse ($180.00)
7 Day Cleanse ($210.00)

How It Works

Each day you will drink 4 juices and that will be your bodies food intake for the day. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice gives your
digestive system a break and allows your body to reset and “cleanse” the toxins in the body.

Why cleanse?

An excellent way to jump-start weight loss Getting rid of excess bloat
caused by processed food and overeating. Allows stomach to shrink to normal size and therefore get full quicker when eating food again.
Other benefits include, increased energy levels, weight loss, less cravings, helps body function more efficiently.

Ready To Place Your Order?

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Every day of the cleanse you will be provided with your 4 juices for that particular day. The customer will be responsible for daily pick up
at whichever location the order is placed. Orders must be placed at
least 1 day in advance!


When placing your order you will let us know how many days you want to do, and the date you will be starting the cleanse.


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Once a cleanse order has been placed, there are no refunds, returns, or cancellations.